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Don't Mind if I Do

Jazz Ensemble Level 2

When I write for young Jazz Ensemble I'm always mindful of writing charts that will allow the rhythm section every chance of getting up and running quickly on a tune. In the case of this chart, I needed a tune that would allow a bass player to have a really easy part (repeating C's) and so the initial idea was born. I also like tunes that give lots of players in the band a chance to take an improvised solo in short time. The bands I run at my school have REALLY short rehearsal windows. So, initially, its just a matter of trying to be practical.

From the Score:

This is a fun and swinging chart with a simple but catchy melody in addition to many featured moments for sections of the band at various stages of the work. There are featured solo opportunities aplenty with the option of improvised or suggested written solos for trumpet, trombone, tenor sax and alto sax. With so many solos on offer it shouldn't be long before one of the band sits up and says, “Don’t Mind if I do!”

Performance Notes:

All members of the band should take great care to match articulations within their section and across the melodic line throughout the chart. The claps in the trumpet section at bar 63 should be seen as an integral part of the rhythm section and should be executed with care and good attention to balance of the ensemble. The solo section can repeated as many times as desired to accommodate soloists. If the section is being played many times, the ensemble director may choose to tacet or reintroduce various instrumental lines in addition to encouraging dynamic development in the rhythm section to maintain interest under the solos.

* Special thanks to the Brolga family of musicians who helped record this demo remotely in lockdown 2020!



3:27 Minutes






Brolga Music Publishing



JW Pepper or Brolga Publishing

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