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Solo works written on trombone, for trombone

Please click on the images below to hear full recordings, view sample pages and purchase PDF's for these works.

Free Downloads of demo and backing recordings also available

Kerthunk artwork png.png

Style: Happy Funk

Duration: 3:00

Approximate AMEB standard: Grade 7

Range: High A (with alternatives)

Notes: The emphasis here is on good lip flexibility combined with great 16th note subdivision and feel. Once you master the opening 4 bars you have this one made!

High Flyer artworkpng.png

Style: 12/8 Shuffle

Duration: 2:30

Approximate AMEB standard: Grade 6

Range: High Bb (with alternatives)

Notes: A very manageable and fun 12/8 groove with some cool, unison figures with piano accompaniment. Articulation will be key.

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