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Duets to develop young Lead and Bass Trombonists

Welcome trombonists! Thanks for dropping by 

and welcome to those of you who are new to Bass2Lead

Please help yourselves to the free PDF resources below on this page. If you like them, please share them with your colleagues whether they be other bone players, students or fellow music educators. Sharing the link to this page on your social media if you like what I've done is also helpful in spreading the trombone goodness!

The one thing that I ask is that, if you use the PDF's, please consider buying a backing track or two - or perhaps the whole album of backing tracks (it's cheaper that way).

I wanted to make the books easy to access for as many players as possible so you can enjoy my tunes, but a few track downloads from will go a long way to helping me continue getting these out there.

Thanks all and enjoy!

See 10 seconds of each tune - Vol. 1.
Bass2Lead - 10 seconds samples - Trombone Duets for Lead and Bass Trombone
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See 10 seconds of each tune - Vol. 2.
Bass2Lead volume 2 (10 second samples)
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Free PDF Downloads

Click image to download 

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cover artjpg.jpg
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