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More about Bass2Lead

I originally wrote Volume 1 of Bass2Lead to help me with teaching my occasional bass trombone students. (I'm a tenor trombonist primarily). My bass trombone students are most often moving across from tenor trombone to bass trombone and I needed a tool to allow them to develop independence and stylistic awareness that allowed me to play along on tenor trombone alongside. The duets were written to allow the student to start exploring trigger range without wholly going in the deep end so to speak. - but with enough challenge given that (in most cases) the student was already an established player to some degree. This is particularly the case with Volume 1. Volume 2 probably gets a little more challenging in this regard. The use of backing tracks was to enhance the work the students did at home on the material and hopefully increase the 'fun' factor.

I was pleased with the outcome of the 1st book, decided to refine it a little and then posted it up for free download so other players and educators could share the resource. I've been knocked out by how many players have used it world wide and am thrilled that people have enjoyed the tunes and tracks. Like all teachers I like to keep things fresh, not just for the students, but for myself to keep it interesting, so 3 years later I've put together Volume 2. 

Special thanks must go to Melbourne bass trombonist Joe O'Callaghan who has advised on all things bass trombone and leant his craft to getting the tracks made. The recording was done at my house in Jan of 2019 (our Summer) while we experienced the worst heat wave of recent memory (45C) - making our little home sessions particularly challenging! It's great to finally have Bass2Lead Volume 2 finished for you and I hope you and your students/ colleagues enjoy playing them and using the backing tracks. Please share them around as much as you like in the trombone community and thank you for your support of the project 


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