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Super Fast and Easy Warm ups for Bigband

Jazz Ensemble Level 1-3

I've spent many years teaching in school's where the time allowed for rehearsal with your Jazz ensemble is just crazily short. We're talking 40 minutes for a top group or 30 minutes for junior ensemble. Sadly, this is not uncommon. As a result I've had to develop a very clear philosophy and set of priorities around how I use my time in rehearsals. Here's my 2 cents worth!

Too many band directors spend a good deal of time working on music early in the development of their groups that doesn't allow a young ensemble to actually develop a concept of what a good Big Band sounds like. There is too much time spent note crunching pieces (that are often too hard) and not developing the fundamentals in young players that will then allow them to be great and responsive ensemble musicians in the longer term.

This set of warm ups was my small contribution to helping change this for some bands. In short, they allow a director to use that first 5 minute window of the rehearsal to warm the band up quickly, but effectively  - while allowing the band to develop a full, balanced sound within sections, while also allowing discussion of following lead players, matching articulation and so forth.

Once a young band understands what a good band sound is after producing it themselves through the warm up, it is then a great platform to move forwards into the bands chosen repertoire with greater confidence and responsive listening.

For the full description with background and rehearsal approach in addition to the sample score, click below. also appear to have liked this one and gave it EDITOR'S CHOICE recognition









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