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Victory Dance

Concert Band Level 3

In truth this work was written across a number of years but came to fruition during our 1st lockdown in Melbourne in 2020 - so it lived very closely with me during a very intense time. Having a project like this one was my sanity at times. There was also no way to record a 'live' demo so this one was done remotely with friends who were likewise stuck at home and it was a great way to feel musically connected at a fairly grim time.


When first composing this work I had in mind moments of great celebration - a goal scored to win an important game, a great exam mark after months of work, a new job or any other fantastic moment in a person’s life. You can hear that moment in the statement at bar 25 or the joyous dance melody at bar 66. Music that reflects a moment when you just feel fantastic and want to move! Importantly, moments like that are so wonderful because of the effort and the struggle to achieve them. The music throughout this work often reflects the journey to achieve our goals and you can hear the moments of frustration where the joyous melody is held back by ominous undertones. Ultimately, with continued perseverance, the dance wins through (bar 104) and, after a moment of reflection, the celebration of an achievement hard won continues to the conclusion of the work.

Percussion plays an important role in this piece. Timpani, Percussion 1 and Percussion 5 parts are essential. The other parts, however, are highly desirable for a successful performance. If your percussion section is small, it is recommended to consider using some ‘non percussion’ members of your band whose parts are well covered and who are up for the challenge to cover the other parts.



3.55 Minutes






Brolga Music Publishing



JW Pepper or Brolga Publishing

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